Slide 1 Reticulated Vitreous Carbon FOAMS Reticulated vitreous carbon is a form of glassy carbon. It has an open pore structure and extremely high porosity, giving a high surface area and low resistance to fluid flow. It is chemically inert in non-oxidising environments over a wide temperature range, maintains strength at high temperatures, and is thermally insulating yet electrically conducting. Why is Aritech® Reticulated Vitreous Carbon
(RVC) foam so special?
The matrix of cells and ligaments is completely repeatable, regular, and uniform throughout the entirety of the material. Aritech® Reticulated Vitreous Carbon is a rigid, highly porous and permeable structure and has a controlled density of carbon per unit volume.

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Vitreous or Glassy carbon is a form of pure carbon produced by the thermal decomposition of a three-dimensionally crosslinked polymer. Reticulated Vitreous Carbon Foam (RVC Foam) has a high flexural strength. The zero open porosity gives a low permeability to gases. Glassy carbon has excellent resistance to a wide range of aggressive chemical environments and can, therefore, RVC Foams be used as an alternative material to precious metals for laboratory equipment and, for example, for electrodes in polarography.


RVC Foams

Vitreous Carbon Foam is low-density permeable material with numerous applications. The defining characteristic of these foams is very high porosity, typically 75-95% of the volume consisting of void spaces. Ceramic foam is often used for thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, adsorption of environmental pollutants, filtration of molten metal alloys, and as a substrate for catalysts requiring large internal surface area. Vitreous Carbon Foam is generally immediately available in most volumes. Additional technical, research and safety (MSDS) information are available.

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