Glassy Carbon Rod

Materials Glassy Carbon Rod, Vitreous carbon Rod
Stock No RVC-117-29
CAS 7440-44-0
Purity 99.9%
Form Electrode
Appearance Black solid
Diameter 0.5 mm to 10 mm (customization available)
Length 50 mm to 250 mm Other Sizes customization is also available, please inquire)




Please enquire for other Glassy Carbon Rod having different thicknesses, Diameter, Length, and sizes, etc.

If the item is shown is not exactly what you require please let us know by sending us a message.

Glassy carbon is widely practiced as electrode material in electrochemistry, as considerably as for high-temperature crucibles and as a part of some prosthetic devices.

The crystalline carbon electrode is one of the widely used working electrodes. It is a good inert electrode with good electrical conductivity, high hardness, high brightness, high hydrogen potential, a wide range of polarization and chemical stability. It can be used as an inert electrode directly for the anodic solution, voltammetric determination of the cathode and the Valencia ion, and it can also be used as a chemically modified electrode.

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